ARTE's content hub

Development of a API-first content management system to enrich ARTE's cultural offering


Arte - the Franco-German TV network and "The European Cultural Channel" - is a long term client of ours. We have built different products for them during the last years (see for example here and here).

Recently, we were tasked with developing a platform to organise and manage content enriching ARTE's TV programmes. Hence PAPA ("Page Article Programmes ARTE") was born: an API-first, multilingual content hub developed using "headless" Drupal 8.

The PAPA platform was built to improve the creation and organisation of the huge amount of articles from the various ARTE TV programmes. It facilitated and standardized the way ARTE's editors publish the articles (in different languages) among all ARTE's pages.

ARTE's content hub
  • Headless Drupal 8
  • ReactJS
  • REST

    Project development

    • Building rich multi-lingual articles using Drupal's paragraphs

      The content structure of PAPA is built using Drupal's paragraphs. Every article on the platform in essence is a combination of rich text, quotes, social media posts, images and video, and can be published in as many languages as they will require, now and in the future.

    • Preview functionality in a progressively decoupled world

      One of the challenges we were faced with was to provide preview functionality for editors. Traditionally, Drupal powers both the editorial back-end and the preview functionality rendered by the front-end into one system. As we were not using Drupal's front-end capabilities we had to be crafty. We opted for rendering ReactJS components within Drupal, using Drupal's built-in REST APIs to get a JSON view on draft content. This progressive approach worked well and gave editors the same flexibility they had gotten used too in the traditional CMS but rendered without the weight of Drupal.

    • Evolving for other REST API based services in ARTE's world

      The success with this headless approach led to an interest in integrating other existing ARTE services into PAPA to work in a similar way. Some of these went beyond simply serving information in the form of articles, even requiring user-interaction.