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What we do

The Web is our playground and state-of-the-art tech are our tools.

Marzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee Labs

We build fast and secure websites using the latest technologies

We design and develop websites from scratch, improve your existing web platform and provide technical consulting for large projects. We work with the latest technologies and frameworks to enhance your online presence and drive your business to success.

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    Marzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee Labs

    We architect and build web experiences

    We perform tech architecture during an initial discovery phase, build your website and application while tailoring the design and user experience accordingly.

      Marzee LabsMarzee Labs

      We deliver successful web products in a diverse range of projects

      From content-heavy websites, community platforms, cloud-based applications, e-commerce, and institutional websites. Whatever your project entails, we will guide you far beyond a minimum viable product.

        How we do it

        We take full ownership of the work we delivered and play the role of partner.

        Marzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee Labs

        Fluid communication and transparency is part of our DNA

        We will work with you to distill requirements, propose the proper technology for the project and deliver the best solution in the long term. From the start to the end of the project, we work hand in hand with your team, maintaining a fluid communication channel both on technical and product discussions and remaining transparent all the way.

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        Open Source is the path we choose

        We work with Open Source software to give you the freedom you deserve. This gives you the reliability and robustness of mature web tools, full access to the code we produce, extra security and freedom to shift to other paths. We often share our code via GitHub.

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        We work with the cutting edge technologies

        We work with different technologies and we believe in using the right tech tool for each project. From Static Site Generators to fully-fledged Content Management Systems (CMS) and serverless infrastructures, we have a solution for you. We are proud to deliver secure web products with high performance, coding standards and exceptional designs.

        Why we do it

        We believe the web is an evolving and accessible playground where we can have a greater impact.

        Marzee Labs

        We are happy to share our beliefs, as individuals and as a company, helping us to bring the impact we want to have on the web and in the world.

        In our blog, we share our victories, mistakes and learnings. Check our experiences:

        Who we are

        We are a small tech shop with solid tech capacity

        We are a distributed company with main offices in Porto and Setúbal (Portugal) and virtual offices in London (UK). You can always find us all around Europe!

        We are a diverse, and capable team of developers, designers and managers. We do not settle and we’re always hungry for new challenges and opportunities to grow.


        João Belchior

        João is a co-founder and our frontend magician with a background in design. He bridges developers and designers and likes to plan details. He is an experienced Lego builder and a dedicated collector.


        Nuno Veloso

        Nuno is a co-founder and our genius craftsman. He is our guy for product architecture and management. He has inspired us with his love for the sea. His unrested and curious mind makes him a citizen of the world and a persistent surfer.


        Peter Vanhee

        Peter is a co-founder and our technology architect. He loves tinkering with new technologies and trying new ways of solving things. He loves sports and while running he usually comes up with new ideas.


        Luís Sousa

        Luís is our all-rounder. Tremendous developer with experience in JS, PHP, CSS and all in between. Likes watching superhero movies and reading comic books. He wants to be Batman. We believe one day he will be.


        Pedro Santos

        Pedro is our web designer and frontend dude. He is creative at heart and loves both pixel & code worlds. A comic book lover that plays a mean guitar and paints on his spare time.


        Ana Rossetto

        Ana is our business manager. She gets things done, expands our horizons and forces us to be better. Photography and samba are her main sources of inspiration.


        Jéssica Novo

        Jéssica is our front-end developer with experience in JS and ReactJS. She is a fast learner and is always hungry for new experiences. She likes to play video games and practice yoga.


        Isabel Seabra

        Isabel is our Marketing intern with experience in Visual arts. She may not know much about coding but she helps make our code shine in the eyes of others. Right now she is probably daydreaming about her next trip.

        Come and talk to us

        We're always interested in new projects and on the lookout for talented designers and developers to extend our network.

        Are we a good fit for you? Let's work together.