Your top-notch tech crew: community-driven talent and strong leadership.

What we do

The Web is our playground and state-of-the-art tech are our tools.

Marzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee Labs

Engineering Drupal-based platforms is our strength

We are Drupal experts with a long history and a proven track record in Drupal development; we perform content architecture during an initial discovery phase, build your website or app and tailor the designs for your users, set up continuous delivery and train you to maintain the platform.

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Marzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee Labs

We build kick-ass teams for complex technical projects

We provide technical leadership in large complex projects that require more than just your usual tech implementation. We consult, follow up, code-review and assure the quality of your final product.

Marzee LabsMarzee Labs

We work on some really big sites

Whether it is for life science, media or the NGO sector, we always want to launch a new successful site. We do content-heavy sites, community, e-commerce, we try to innovate at every step of the process. A healthy site is the best proof of quality we deliver!

Marzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee Labs

Front-end architecture has no secret for us

We architect your CSS3 and define your HTML5 as components, giving you the flexibility you need to maintain your project across all devices. We write code, consult and train your team for the success of the project.

    How we do it

    We take full ownership and involvement of the technical solution we deliver.

    Marzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee LabsMarzee Labs

    Working closely with our clients

    We work closely with our clients from the start of the project providing the best solutions in the long term. We help distilling functional requirements and converge them into a minimum viable product. We then iterate until everybody is happy.

    We give back to the community

    By sharing our knowledge via our blog and code via GitHub or through our Drupal page. We also sponsor technology events such as the DrupalCamp Spain.

    We write down our experiences

    New Seas in Design

    Our experience connecting cultural heritage and technology for the Drupal Dev Days 2018

    Who we are

    We are a distributed company with main offices in Porto and Setúbal (both in Portugal) and other offices in London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain). But you can always find us all around Europe!

    We keep our core team small and leverage a strong network of specialists to scale on a per project basis.

    We believe in small teams that accomplish big things. For every project, we set up a dedicated team with our best core members together with our network of freelancers and partner companies.


    João Belchior

    João is a co-founder and our frontend guy with a background in design. He is an experienced lego builder and our bridge between developers and designers.


    Nuno Veloso

    Nuno is a co-founder and our genius craftsman. He loves to teach as much as he loves to learn. His unrested and curious mind makes him a citizen of the world.


    Peter Vanhee

    Peter is a co-founder and our technology architect. He loves tinkering with new technologies and while running comes up with new ideas to launch.


    Luís Sousa

    Luís is our all rounder. Experienced in JS, PHP, CSS and all in between. Tremendous developer when not watching superhero movies and reading comics. He wants to be Batman. And we believe he will be some day.


    Pedro Santos

    Pedro is our web designer. He is a creative at heart, by day designing in the browser, at night becoming a mad obscure fine art painter.


    Ana Rossetto

    Ana is our business manager. She brings tons of enthusiasm and skill to our team and will help us accomplish more. She is passionate about photography and loves to play around with spreadsheets.


    Come and talk to us

    We'd to love to talk to you, whether it's in English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish or French.

    We're always interested in new projects and on the lookout for talented designers, developers and engineers to extend our network.

    We work remotely and we communicate often with our clients via Skype, Hangout, Slack or Hipchat.