New Seas in Design: branding process for Drupal Dev Days 2018

At Marzee Labs we have in our ranks top developers and great designers, who are able to help fill the gaps between backend development and user experience and interface. Recently our team of designers was challenged to design the visual identity to the Drupal Dev Days - international Drupal developers conference to take place in one of our home country - Portugal. It was an amazing experience for our team, we were proud of what we delivered, thus we decided to share how we got there and which were the learning moments along the way.

Blueprinting Drupal projects

Planning the structure of a Drupal project is important. At Marzee Labs, we've developed some pretty robust methodologies over time to approach new Drupal projects, and in this post we'll outline some of these tools and processes that help us get off the ground in no time. While some of the topics are probably familiar (Drupal makefiles, installation profiles and such) you might learn some new tips and tricks to make your next Drupal project just that tiny bit more automated and run smooth.

Coding as a team: code workflow

Every new project is an opportunity to improve and get challenged. Might it be your skills, your processes, your performance, etc. We previously wrote about how important it is to learn from big projects. It is important to understand that you can't find the perfect way of working, but you can definitely reach an optimal workflow, that you will keep on iterating and improve project after project. Allow me to share ours with you.

Coding as a team: content fixtures

Any frontend guy will tell you that content is very important to be able to do their thing. You cannot properly structure content display and style it without having material to play with. And there is nothing more tedious than creating fake content on-the-fly to do the job. It will end up being destroyed, and you'd have to do it again because a new field was created. How about fixturising your content and keep on iterating it?

Coding as a team: automation using Phing

Drupal development as a team is tough: finding a balance between code and configuration saved in the database is one of the hardest challenges to overcome. When working in a team, it is even more important to control the development cycle, having different people work on different features at the same time, and automate as much as possible of the repetitive tasks you're really to do.

Drupal Commerce, done differently

Building sites using Drupal Commerce is something we often do at Marzee Labs, but when EnjoyThis approached us to build an e-commerce site for The London Distillery Company featuring a "design your own whisky cask" part, we immediately seized that opportunity to do something different. In this post, I'll review the architecture of the project.