We are looking for a web developer

Come join our team to work on big, exciting projects!

We are looking for a full time, web developer to join our distributed team [in Porto or Setúbal] to work and grow with us, by working on large-scale technical projects as well as periodic releases and other technical matters with talented folks.

Marzee Labs is a tech shop with solid tech capacity. We develop web platforms from scratch, improve existing ones, and provide technical consulting for large projects.

We believe the web is an evolving and accessible playground where we can build all kinds of products. We are great at doing web and we do web for good - that goes from projects we implement to the way we treat the end-user. Our aspiration is to impact people’s lives and we always choose the projects that make us feel we are doing something that matters to someone.

We are proud to bring top-notch technical skills to big, international projects, as well as Open Source technologies, contributing, participating, and getting involved first-hand with the community. Our services have been welcomed in big companies in countries such as France, Germany, UK, US, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.

We fully commit to making things work, always with the highest tech standards and top quality services. In parallel, we run our own little "Labs" (as our name says) where we learn new tech, share interesting intel with the team, test concepts and create new products, all of it bringing value to the company, but also - and especially - all the people that are part of us, as individuals.

Our team is made of incredible people and we all have fun working on the web. We believe that happiness is contagious, circular and interchangeable between clients, users, and our team. We feel that we have the chance to learn something new every day and that evolving as a team is what makes us challenge the status quo and go beyond the expectations.

As we expand, we need more talented, exciting people to join us.

What you will be doing:

  • Working closely with external development teams and management to help steer the technical direction of the projects Marzee Labs are involved in.
  • Taking part in cool, big, international and technically interesting projects.
  • Developing mainly using JavaScript, but also other cool open-source technologies.
  • Learning how to be a better developer, way beyond the code you produce.
  • Exploring exciting new web technologies, outside of the scope of client work, and bringing back value to the team.

Are we fit for each other?

Quality is key for us

This is what we are expecting from your side:

  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and get involved deeply.
  • Experience in programming and software development (can be a degree or a pet project).
  • JavaScript experience (especially if using state of the art frameworks, such as React).
  • Interest (and better yet experience) in Open Source projects and development.
  • Self-motivation and working independently, but also good at collaboration, taking direction and working with others.
  • Ability to communicate both verbally and written at a high level in English.

We value extra miles

What we seek as an added bonus:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals for proper markup (cross-browser).
  • PHP programming knowledge/experience.
  • Cloud knowledge, DevOps interests, etc.
  • Database (MySQL) administration.
  • An “eye” for design.
  • SCRUM experience.
  • Super bonus: some Drupal or WordPress knowledge

We treat our team very well

Working with Marzee Labs is rewarding is many aspects:

  • Flexible schedule: life comes before work - we all have family, hobbies and side projects.
  • We measure work in goals and quality of delivery, not in the number of hours you are sitting in front of your computer.
  • Salary will depend on your experience, but we always make sure you can live comfortably.
  • We value your growth, this is why getting some learning time is important to us as part of your work.
  • You are not alone - we work from the coolest coworking spaces in town and we have a spot for you.
  • We will be sending you to conferences and off-sites amongst other goodies.
  • We value diversity in Marzee Labs team (see our manifesto).

Next step


If you are interested, we want to know a little bit more about you. In your application email, as well as attaching your CV, please also answer the following questions:

  • A sample website you've built/been involved with.
  • Your favourite tech for the web.
  • Your IDE/editor of choice, and broadly your typical development tools/environment.
  • The operating system you use the most.
  • What areas of your current skills you are most interested in improving/developing.
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • Your favourite JS framework.
  • What do you think about JAMstack architecture?
  • Available start date.
  • Salary expectations.

Please send your applications to jobs@marzeelabs.org with the subject line "Enthusiastic developer".

Applications should be received by 28/12/2019, successful applicants will have a remote (skype/hangout) interview shortly after that with a final in-person interview at our offices. Ideal start date: February 2020, but we can wait for you if you're the right fit.