What to expect from Web Summit if you are a small company

Our experience during the 2019's edition

We decided to take a break in the presentation of our incredible team, to share with you our experience during this year's Web Summit edition. It was a great opportunity to hear from the world's tech leaders, to get to know promising tech and most importantly to connect with entrepreneurs.

CentreStage Centre Stage - Web Summit 2019.

Web Summit is the biggest technology conference on the planet. This year's edition brought together a crowd of 70 thousand participants from more than 160 countries. The tech community took over Lisbon, Portugal during the first week of November 2019 and we could not miss this.

Thanks to initiatives such as Women in Tech, at this year's edition, women reached 46,3% of participants. I was one of those lucky ladies and I am happy to share my experience.


The conference had more than 30 stages and summed 1.200 speakers. It's impossible to see everything, so I decided to focus my attention to a maximum of 3 stages.

Most of the talks are very short and speakers don't have time to go deep into the message they want to pass. The discussion panels seem to be even shorter since you have more than one person to talk, a journalist asking questions and very limited time.

Even though, I got the chance to hear from leaders in their area such as the CMO from Burguer King, Fernando Machado and Barbara Coppola the Chief Digital Officer at IKEA. It was also inspirational to hear from Christiana Figueres from Global Optimism and Kate Brandt from Google that it is still possible to save the world, if we stop using fossil fuels, and take action to reduce carbon footprint and our impact on the planet.

Web Summit is not just about the talks. It's the place to see what is going on around the world, to meet with entrepreneurs, get to hear about amazing ideas and to check very promising startups.

I met and connected with amazing entrepreneurs and got to know more about their beloved startups. It was a great opportunity to learn about their needs and to have a more clear idea of how we at Marzee Labs can help them to reach out for success.

It was a great week and despite the fact that I felt like a small fish in the big ocean, I had good learnings and met incredible people. I hope to come back next year!



That's a wrap on Web Summit 2019! We heard from 1,206 speakers over the course of four days, with topics like data protection, sustainability, and whistleblowing emerging as the trends of the conference.

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  • [Porto] Thursday, November 14, 2019 - JAMstack meets Porto Codes - Special edition For this event, we join forces with Porto Codes, a meetup for local and international programming enthusiasts.

  • [Porto] Thursday, November 14, 2019 - Product Roadmap Alignment: High to Low There is a lot about product roadmaps, and theoretically should be easy to create one and have a scale-up organization completed align. Still, from theory to execution a lot of questions arise.

  • [Porto]Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 42nd Porto Meetup - Agile & Olympic Athletes Agile is a buzz word and everyone talks about it… but do you know what being Agile really means? In my talk, I will help you understand how you can become a better version of yourself by being Agile.

  • [Porto] Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - Marketing Automation: Como potencializar seu negócio! Daniel Bento é SEO Specialist e Lead Aquisition na E-goi, uma das maiores plataformas de marketing automation de Portugal e vai trazer para o Meetup Grupo Marketing Digital uma série de dicas de como automatizar os seus esforços de marketing digital.

  • [Porto] Thursday, November 21, 2019 - Fullstack Porto #9 - Pedro Almeida and Ricardo Fernandes Learn more about a Strategy to double team throughput and Gamification journey.

  • [Porto] Friday, November 29, 2019 - #2 Agile Beer Porto Vamos mais uma vez compartilhar experiências e conhecimento sobre métodos ágeis, expandir nosso network e ainda comer pizza 🍕 e tomar uns finos juntos 🍻.

  • [Porto] Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - Porto Acceleration Day Porto Acceleration Day is an event that aims to promote the discussion about topics related to entrepreneurship.

  • [Porto] Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - REACTOR TALK: Television and the Digital Era Are we going to watch a much larger digitization of television, making it completely different from what we know today? Factors such as the Portuguese TV market, the viewer and the television format are key factors in determining this change.

  • [Porto] Thursday, November 21, 2019 - Let´s Grow Again #28 At the 28th edition Rodrigo Oliveira, Product Visionary at Critical Techworks, will be talking about "[Not] being a Product Owner!".


JAMstackOPO JAMstack OPO #4 with João Martins doing some ReactJS hooks live coding to the participants.

Team Meetup We had a team meetup last month at the beautiful city of Nazaré. This is the core Marzee Labs team.

Nuno Our co-founder Nuno gave a session about financial automatization to managers of co-working spaces.