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We love to build and deliver outstanding digital products to our clients. We bring all our culture and experience to materialise an idea into a product and we are proud of everything we do. 🤩

From design to backend and frontend implementation, we make things happen the best way rather than blindly serving and executing. Attention to details, creativity and passion guides us through this process.

Since we enjoy so much building digital products, we also have our internal projects. We developed our own static site generator stack. You have already noticed that we are passionate about the sea, so we named this tech product after a fish very common in Portugal - Besugo. 🐟

Besugo, the tech not the fish, is a perfect option for a lightweight website in which, due to budget and/or content restrains, the best option is a static site with the possibility to edit the content without having to change a single line of code. (More details here! )

Besugo and fish apart, Marzee Labs team is on the making again!! We are currently going through the process of transforming a new idea into a product.

We applied for an Acceleration Programme and we were selected!! AMPLIFICA Acceleration Program is facilitated by Maze - Decoding Impact and supported by the Metropolitan Area of Porto in Portugal.

The program is very intensive - 9 projects, 1 boot camp, 1 hackathon and 6 weeks of acceleration sessions. 😲 We have just started but we have already met incredible people and learnt so much so far. We hope to be able to tell more about this product soon!

Unsplash - Jordan Whitfield


Shared by João Belchior - Philip addresses four common misconceptions about BEM and explains how and why the CSS naming convention of Block Element Modifier helps solve organizational thinking around class names.

A few years ago, I read Marie Kondo’s book about the benefits and practice of keeping things tidy. And it planted a seed in my mind about how this applies to content.

Understand whether a suggested idea or solution is worth further investments prior to spending an enormous amount of time and money, this is where Design Sprint framework by Google Ventures may come in handy.

Product development is of critical importance for technology startups: given the limited budget typically available to early-stage startups, making the right product development decisions can make the difference between success and failure.

React Native for Web allows you to build apps that works on iOS, Android, and the web using the same JavaScript codebase.

Shared by Pedro Santos - A copy-first design approach is beneficial in helping design projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a stand-alone page, such as a landing page, or website redesign, a copy-first approach can make your project more efficient.



  • [Porto] Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 34th Porto Meetup - Agile Pecha Kucha Night

    For the 34th meetup of Agile Connect Porto, we want our community to be the speakers and feel what it is at the other side of the stage!

  • [Porto] Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - typeof conference

    Typeof is a professional front end and web technologies conference. The inaugural edition is taking place in Alfândega do Porto, with workshops on the 27th and a single track of talks conference on the 28th and 29th of March.

  • [Lisboa] Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - The New Ways of Design

    This is going to be about the way we design. The methodologies, the practices, the processes, the policies, the beliefs that some Designers and some Design Organizations are inventing, experimenting, implementing and having successes or failures with.

  • [Porto] Thursday, March 28, 2019 - Porto PHP Meetup

    The event will happen on Thursday 28th of March (English as main language), and location to be confirmed around the city centre. The main talk "Pushing PHP at scale" and they are currently looking for a speaker for a possible second talk.

  • [Porto] Thursday, March 28, 2019 - Porquê criar um plugin e dicas para o seu sucesso

    Our partners Carlos Moreira will share his experience in creating #WordPress plugins. Carlos Moreira é um programador freelancer que, desde há 6 anos, trabalha exclusivamente com WordPress, essencialmente em desenvolvimento, manutenção e suporte de plugins.

  • [Webinar] Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - Webinar: How to Build and Use Buyer Personas by Criteo Sr PMM

    Product Management today is the hot trend that everyone wants to be a part of. And there are lots that you can learn from established professionals. So when you're starting out your Product Management career, how should you go about it? What are the key tools you need to consider?

  • [Porto] Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - Coding portugal chapter #1: Porto

    2-3 talks about different developer related topics - currently we're chatting with two speakers that have talks about API-platform (PHP/Symfony) and crate.io (a time-series db for IoT usage) prepared, and we're trying to settle both.

  • [Porto] Thursday, April 11, 2019 - Porto Codes

    Porto Codes is a meetup for local and international programming enthusiasts. The talks are recorded and published with the presenters' consent as one of our goals is to provide programming resources to the community.

  • [Lisboa] Thursday, April 11, 2019 - [IWD WTM Lisbon] - Female Tech Founders

    This is our annual meetup to interact, meet new and old friends (men and women), highlight our needs and achievements, learn about new opportunities and get inspired, create synergies and build all together the future we want, a future of equal opportunities to all.

  • [Lisboa] Friday, April 12, 2019 - ReactGirls - free ReactJS workshops for girls

    The workshop is designed for people with no previous programming knowledge and also those who code but haven't tried ReactJS yet. During the workshop we will work in small groups of 2-3 people with one mentor, slowly walking through a tutorial specifically written for our event.


Carnaval Carnaval at Marzee Labs! Luís came to work as Pinocchio. How amazing is to have a colleague that takes costumes opportunities so seriously?

Toyota João keeps on working on his new old car - a Toyota Corolla Ke35. He is always on the search for parts for Jolitoy.

BootCamp IES João and Ana attended the IES - Business School Bootcamp on Social Entrepeurnership. An intensive 2 days experience.

Workshop Ana joint a great crew for the User Reseach Workshop facilitated by Busigners at Porto i/o.

Nuno Picture Nuno Veloso, Marzee Labs' co-founder started to write at Medium. Check out the new post here!