Marzee Labs Business Results in 2020

As a web development company, we believe it is important to carefully look back to the year 2020 and we decided to share our main results. For that, we decided to create an Infographic to tell Marzee Labs story in 2020.

Marzee Labs Named as a Top Developer in Portugal — Again

As Portugal braces to become a tech tiger in Europe, the competition among web developers is tight. It takes not only expertise but also heart to rise on top and be the best there is.

We are looking for a marketing partner

Marzee Labs is looking for a marketing expert/company to collaborate with our business development team in our marketing activities and to partner with our team to deliver digital marketing services to our clients.

A guide to choosing the technology stack for your web product

If you are reading this, you probably have an idea for a web product and you are going through the process of selecting the technology to build your web platform or application and even a website. This is one of the most important decisions for the success of your web product. In this blogpost we share some guidelines to help you choose the best tech stack for your web product and website.