We are looking for a WordPress/PHP developer

We are looking for a web developer with WordPress/PHP experience and looking to grow into JavaScript frameworks to join our distributed team.

We are looking for a web developer

We are looking for a full time, web developer to join our distributed team [in Porto or Setúbal] to work and grow with us, by working on large-scale technical projects as well as periodic releases and other technical matters with talented folks.

What you need to know about Static Site Generators.

We've written before about our adventures into assembling our own Static Site Generator tech stack, named Besugo after the Portuguese red seabream. This time we thought we should step even further back, and discuss why we started working on it in the first place.

Besugo - a boilerplate static site generator with a CMS

We’ve said it before, at Marzee Labs we like to build static sites. Heck, we like to build sites whether static or CMS-based like Drupal; in short, whatever the need we enjoy tackling the challenge.

How we build websites using pipelines at zero cost

At Marzee Labs we like to build static sites. In this blog post, we're sharing an ingredient list to build a new static site - including a deployment and testing pipeline - in less than an hour. Best of all, all these tools are for free if you code in the open!

ARTE Concert migration: a retrospective

As we previously announced, we successfully concluded the complex migration of ARTE Concert website to a Drupal platform. This post will be a short introspective journey through the processes we followed to make this project a success.

Building simple sites: Jekyll to the rescue

Marzee Labs has its strong arm in Drupal development. When we started the talks on setting up our site, we initially started thinking in modules, content types, Views and other Drupal lingo. But we shifted the conversation to another topic: was Drupal the tool we wanted to use?