Luís, our tech lead that wants to be Batman

We are back to presenting our incredible team as part of the Marzee clippings. This month we are happy to present our glorious Teach Lead, all-rounder Batman, full-stack developer, JavaScript expert and React enthusiast.

Marzee Labs Named as a Top Developer in Portugal by

As an international web development company, we always give our best to deliver top-notch digital experiences to our clients and their audiences. It's very important to have a leadership recognition as a result of our hard work and dedication.

Source: CEO Marzee Labs

What to expect from Web Summit if you are a small company

We decided to take a break in the presentation of our incredible team, to share with you our experience during this year's Web Summit edition. It was a great opportunity to hear from the world's tech leaders, to get to know promising tech and most importantly to connect with entrepreneurs.

Pedro, our creative designer and front-end developer

We keep on presenting our amazing team members in our monthly clipping. This month, you get to know the most creative person in the team. Our UI/UX designer that learned how to code and is now a lead front-end developer.

Nuno, the co-founder of two companies

Continuing the presentation of the amazing people that make Marzee Labs a great company, we move forward to presenting another co-founder. This is the time to present Nuno Veloso, the entrepreneur and surfer helping us to create outstanding digital products.

Meet João, our co-founder and front-end developer

Marzee Labs is made of incredible people. So, we decided to present the people behind it. From co-founders, employees to freelancers, each one of us has its own contribution to the company’s success and accomplishments. We hope you enjoy getting to know us as much as we had fun preparing this series of clippings.

We are helping Parlia to map the world’s opinion

We have recently started a collaboration with Parlia — an encyclopaedia of opinions about all the significant questions out there. Parlia is mapping the important debates about relevant abstract questions, historical and political events as well as culture and current affairs.

Re-Seed - Our product for a sustainable world

As a web development company, we are used to developing digital products for our clients. This year we had the opportunity to go through the whole process of creating an internal product in collaboration with a Belgian entity and with support from the European Commission.

Case Studies - is there a recipe?

For some time now, we have been meaning to create a new section on our website ( to present a selection of projects and products we have delivered during our 5 years as a company.

We are being accelerated. Wait, what?

We love to build and deliver outstanding digital products to our clients. We bring all our culture and experience to materialise an idea into a product and we are proud of everything we do. 🤩

Inspiration February

We said before and even mentioned it in our Manifesto - "We are good at doing web and we do web for good. We love to embrace new challenges, to solve the unknown and we are always looking for opportunities to inspire and get inspired."

February was a month full of inspiration and experimentation.

New year, new chapter

2019 has just started and we are already full of hopes and goals for this new year.

December was a busy month for us at MarzeeLabs and we are ready to start a new chapter.