Marzee Business Results in 2021

After a very uncertain 2020, the Marzee team decided to gather information about our results and achievements during that year and make it public so not just our employees would have access to the year recap, but also our clients, partners and any other person interested could see how the year went for this small web development agency.

We believe that sharing is indeed caring and we decided to do it again this year and share the results for 2021. As a small group of like-minded people working on the web for many years now, we are proud of the work we deliver and we are always seeking to improve.

Marzee Labs Business Results in 2020

As a web development company, we believe it is important to carefully look back to the year 2020 and we decided to share our main results. For that, we decided to create an Infographic to tell Marzee Labs story in 2020.