Marzee Labs Named as a Top Developer in Portugal by

As an international web development company, we always give our best to deliver top-notch digital experiences to our clients and their audiences. It's very important to have a leadership recognition as a result of our hard work and dedication.

Source: CEO Marzee Labs

Pedro, our creative designer and front-end developer

We keep on presenting our amazing team members in our monthly clipping. This month, you get to know the most creative person in the team. Our UI/UX designer that learned how to code and is now a lead front-end developer.

Designing and coding for a Living Web App

Designing UI and UX for a complex and continuously evolving management application (and getting to write HTML/CSS at the same time) requires a focused mindset, flexible toolkit, collaborative team effort and never ceasing to improve and learn on both sides of my line of work, Design and Code. There is always room for a better understanding of the User Experience, for a better application of the User Interface and for better and cleaner code.

Meet João, our co-founder and front-end developer

Marzee Labs is made of incredible people. So, we decided to present the people behind it. From co-founders, employees to freelancers, each one of us has its own contribution to the company’s success and accomplishments. We hope you enjoy getting to know us as much as we had fun preparing this series of clippings.

A better Design Process

So, I’m a web designer who codes. And no, I’m not going to get deep into the discussion of ‘should designers code?’. Fact is, I do code. Why? In part, because my job requires it, but mainly because I enjoy it and I do believe it makes me better equipped in my line of work.