Good design and functional development made us a leading agency in Portugal

Our hard work recognized by our clients

When it comes to web development for creatives, landing on a design that satisfies both parties can be challenging for a lot of companies. What most don’t realize is that communication between design and development teams and playing the role of a partner can solve what otherwise might seem impossible.

At Marzee Labs, we have a history of working closely with entertainment companies, TV channels, and research institutes, so we know the importance of presenting the aesthetic that you bring to your work on your own platform. We have always emphasized both good design and functional development, helping us to become one of the leading development agencies in Portugal according to

Clutch is a B2B ratings platform that collects case study-like information about service providers and condenses it into honest yet digestible reviews and ranks companies by their overall score. Thanks to Clutch and the generosity of some of our loyal customers, we have achieved an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5!

In one of our most recent projects, we developed a series of websites to serve in conjunction with one another for a multilingual television station. We worked to meet a wide variety of requirements presented by the various sites, utilizing Drupal and WordPress, along with both PHP and React to build all the necessary functionalities. In the end, the client praised our efficiency and organization in bringing about the final solution.

“Their ability to always find new talents and recruit some good developers impressed me. We’ve been able to participate in some open-source projects with them, which has given us a good overview on how the space works as well as a presence in those communities.”

Source: Simon, Project Manager

Beyond the listing on Clutch, our team has also been highly featured on The Manifest and Visual objects, two other resources that help buyers learn about businesses before making their final decision. While The Manifest provides blog-style articles and industry descriptions alongside its company listings, Visual Objects helps users find solutions that meet more aesthetic requirements by displaying portfolio selections from each service provider.

Whether your company is looking for website design or wants to build a new web platform or application, reach out to us to find out how we can get started today.