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As a web development company, we are used to developing digital products for our clients. This year we had the opportunity to go through the whole process of creating an internal product in collaboration with a Belgian entity and with support from the European Commission.

We were selected by the Social Challenges Innovation Platform project to deliver a solution to a social and environmental challenge. We received a grant from the European Commission to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

During the past 6 months, we were committed to building a digital platform to reduce food waste from food businesses by giving new use to surplus food. The main objective is to facilitate the networking between the different stakeholders involved in this process by providing a mechanism of interconnection on a digital platform.

We worked in close collaboration with La Maison des Familles - a social institution located in Tournai, Belgium - to develop Marzee Labs' new product.

Re-Seed is a digital platform for management and traceability of surplus food stock donations. It aims to empower the activities of social institutions like La Maison des Families by optimising and streamlining their operations and internal processes. At the same time, Re-Seed is very useful for food businesses and retailers that want to give new use to their surplus food by helping people in need.

The platform facilitates daily interactions between social institutions and food businesses and monitors the whole process from the supplier donating surplus food to the final receivers.

Re-Seed goes beyond stock management and provides insightful and tailored reports for all the actors involved. Food businesses are able to know the final destination of their donations. Social institutions are able to easily report their activities and to improve their operations based on key data produced by the Re-Seed platform.

The Re-Seed MVP was developed to be a base for future platforms and to respond to the needs of different actors, from retail to large NGOs.

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