JAMstack Meetups in Portugal

Get ready for JAMstack OPO #2

If you are from the web world you are probably familiar with the term JAMstack. It is a new way of building web applications with superior performance, lower cost, higher security, better scalability and awesome developer experience.

JAMstack : noun \’jam-stak’\ Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

Source: JAMstack

Some even say that JAMstack is revolutionizing the way we do web nowadays. An additional great thing is the amazing online community that is constantly growing.

At Marzee Labs, we are big fans of JAMstack and have already built a static site generator stack using the JAMstack premise (check our blogpost about Besugo). We are happy to be part of the JAMstack community and we are excited to take over the Meetup Group in Porto, Portugal.

For our first event, we reached out to our local community and connected with an awesome developer that happened to be building a digital product very JAMstacky.

Josh Smith helps SaaS teams find and keep product market fit at Sift and helps startups build products for mobile and web at Coderly.

He is using Gatsby, Airtable’s GraphQL API and Netlify to automate the deployment of example demo sites for customers during sales calls. He will share with us how he is building this product and highlight the dos and don'ts during the JAMstack OPO #2 | Automating demo sites

If you are around Porto in the first week of June, join us at Porto i/o Santa Catarina.

JAMstack OPO#2

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