Art at the Office

Graphical artist Gijs Vanhee designs our interior walls

We love to make our office a cosy place that makes us feel at home and inspires us. With that in mind, we asked graphical artist Gijs Vanhee - who previously created our logo - to redesign our office. It took him a couple of days and a whole series of light-blue Posca paint markers, but we think the result looks awesome!

Gijs Vanhee painting the Marzee Labs wall Gijs Vanhee starting the mural from the Marzee Labs logo.

Marzee Labs Office. Office mural and logo on the front window Office mural and logo on the front window.

Marzee Labs Office. Take a moment to relax Take a moment to relax.

Gijs Vanhee is my brother, and you can find most of his work all over Belgium. Check his website, or read this recent interview by Creative Nestlings. Thanks a lot Gijs for making us proud!