Drupal Developer Days in Barcelona

Post-conference party at Marzee Labs

The Drupal Developer Days are the major developer-oriented event organized in Europe. With over 300 attendants and 30 high-quality sessions on topics such as Drupal 8, e-commerce, mapping, search and automization, we could not miss the event.

Prior to the conference, we participated in the Improve Mapping in Drupal 7 sprint, which ultimately led to the integration of Views in the promising Leaflet module (read our blog post). Thanks a lot to dasjo and all the participants for organizing this very productive sprint!

At the end of the conference we organized a "chill out pica-pica" in front of our new Marzee Labs office in the marina of Barcelona. With cold beer and salty cakes prepared by Anne Campagna, the event was a relaxed and pleasant ending to a great conference. We are already looking forward to the next Drupal Developer Days.

Drupal Developer Days chill-out party at Marzee Labs Having a drink and a chat outside the office. Photo on Flickr by camilss.

Drupal Developer Days chill-out party at Marzee Labs Chilling out. Photo on Flickr by camilss.

Drupal sunset Drupal sunset after an afternoon full of Drupal talk, beers and sun. Photo on Flickr by pcambra.