Marzee Business Results in 2021

After a very uncertain 2020, the Marzee team decided to gather information about our results and achievements during that year and make it public so not just our employees would have access to the year recap, but also our clients, partners and any other person interested could see how the year went for this small web development agency.

We believe that sharing is indeed caring and we decided to do it again this year and share the results for 2021. As a small group of like-minded people working on the web for many years now, we are proud of the work we deliver and we are always seeking to improve.

We are Hiring: Mid-Level Front-end Engineer

We are looking for a mid-level full-time front-end engineer with experience in JavaScript frameworks (especially ReactJS) to join our distributed team and grow with us. Marzee has been growing in the last couple of years and looking to continue to increase our work internationally.

Marzee Labs Earn 2022 Clutch Leaders Award for Portugal’s Leading Web Developer

It’s with great honor that we announce and celebrate with all of you our newest recognition! Just recently, we caught wind that Marzee Labs is found on Clutch’s esteemed 2022 Leaders Awards! It's the third year in a row that we are announced as a Clutch Leader and we couldn´t be prouder of our team. We were listed 3rd in the ranking of best Web Development Company.

We are Hiring: Senior Full-Stack Engineer

We are looking for a senior full-stack engineer with experience in JavaScript frameworks to join our distributed team full-time and grow with us. Marzee has been growing in the last couple of years and looking to continue to increase our work internationally. This is why we are looking for a senior full-stack engineer to work side by side with our Tech Lead on the many different projects we are involved in.

We are looking for a full-stack web developer

We are looking for a full-time web developer with PHP experience and looking to grow into JavaScript frameworks to join our distributed team and grow with us.

Marzee Labs Business Results in 2020

As a web development company, we believe it is important to carefully look back to the year 2020 and we decided to share our main results. For that, we decided to create an Infographic to tell Marzee Labs story in 2020.

Marzee Labs Named as a Top Developer in Portugal — Again

As Portugal braces to become a tech tiger in Europe, the competition among web developers is tight. It takes not only expertise but also heart to rise on top and be the best there is.

We are looking for a marketing partner

Marzee Labs is looking for a marketing expert/company to collaborate with our business development team in our marketing activities and to partner with our team to deliver digital marketing services to our clients.

A guide to choosing the technology stack for your web product

If you are reading this, you probably have an idea for a web product and you are going through the process of selecting the technology to build your web platform or application and even a website. This is one of the most important decisions for the success of your web product. In this blogpost we share some guidelines to help you choose the best tech stack for your web product and website.

Simplicity, speed and security for your website

In this blog post, we aim to present the new trends and demands for web development nowadays. We strongly believe that the future of web development is based on the Jamstack and in this post we share why we believe that and how you can benefit from it.

How an open mindset can boost the evolution of a continuous development platform

A fruitful partnership can be decisive for the success of a project. Finding the right balance between both sides is extremely important, but more than that, promoting an environment where all actors involved strive for the same goals, can really make a difference.

Helping local shops survive and thrive during the COVID-19 crisis

Marzee Labs has partnered with Menos Hub and has just launched a web platform with a directory of small businesses in Portugal trying to survive the current COVID-19 crisis - We've used Gatsby, Google Sheets, Material-UI and Netlify to build it and we are making the code available on GitHub so anyone around the world can use it to create their local network of shops.

10 online lessons and courses to improve your coding skills

We are living challenging times. All over the world people are voluntarily or bounded to stay at home. Some countries are in social isolation for quite some time now and others are just starting their isolation.

The right ingredients for partnerships

There are many companies and agencies providing design and web development services out there. From big companies to small tech shops and freelancers, it can be difficult to choose the right company to build your precious new web platform or website.

Why you should advocate for automated tests

How many times have you deployed a new release in a project, and only after merging it to production an urgent bug is detected? This usually happens for lack of testing, for following an incomplete test guide, or for human error.

We are looking for a WordPress/PHP developer

We are looking for a web developer with WordPress/PHP experience and looking to grow into JavaScript frameworks to join our distributed team.

Good design and functional development made us a leading agency in Portugal

When it comes to web development for creatives, landing on a design that satisfies both parties can be challenging for a lot of companies. What most don’t realize is that communication between design and development teams and playing the role of a partner can solve what otherwise might seem impossible.

We are looking for a web developer

We are looking for a full time, web developer to join our distributed team [in Porto or Setúbal] to work and grow with us, by working on large-scale technical projects as well as periodic releases and other technical matters with talented folks.

Luís, our tech lead that wants to be Batman

We are back to presenting our incredible team as part of the Marzee clippings. This month we are happy to present our glorious Teach Lead, all-rounder Batman, full-stack developer, JavaScript expert and React enthusiast.

We are looking for a freelancer to collaborate with us

Marzee Labs is a small tech shop with solid tech capacity. We develop web platforms from scratch, improve existing ones, and provide technical consulting for large projects.

What to expect from Web Summit if you are a small company

We decided to take a break in the presentation of our incredible team, to share with you our experience during this year's Web Summit edition. It was a great opportunity to hear from the world's tech leaders, to get to know promising tech and most importantly to connect with entrepreneurs.

Marzee Labs Named as a Top Developer in Portugal by

As an international web development company, we always give our best to deliver top-notch digital experiences to our clients and their audiences. It's very important to have a leadership recognition as a result of our hard work and dedication.

Source: CEO Marzee Labs

Pedro, our creative designer and front-end developer

We keep on presenting our amazing team members in our monthly clipping. This month, you get to know the most creative person in the team. Our UI/UX designer that learned how to code and is now a lead front-end developer.

What you need to know about Static Site Generators.

We've written before about our adventures into assembling our own Static Site Generator tech stack, named Besugo after the Portuguese red seabream. This time we thought we should step even further back, and discuss why we started working on it in the first place.

Designing and coding for a Living Web App

Designing UI and UX for a complex and continuously evolving management application (and getting to write HTML/CSS at the same time) requires a focused mindset, flexible toolkit, collaborative team effort and never ceasing to improve and learn on both sides of my line of work, Design and Code. There is always room for a better understanding of the User Experience, for a better application of the User Interface and for better and cleaner code.

Nuno, the co-founder of two companies

Continuing the presentation of the amazing people that make Marzee Labs a great company, we move forward to presenting another co-founder. This is the time to present Nuno Veloso, the entrepreneur and surfer helping us to create outstanding digital products.

Meet João, our co-founder and front-end developer

Marzee Labs is made of incredible people. So, we decided to present the people behind it. From co-founders, employees to freelancers, each one of us has its own contribution to the company’s success and accomplishments. We hope you enjoy getting to know us as much as we had fun preparing this series of clippings.

We are helping Parlia to map the world’s opinion

We have recently started a collaboration with Parlia — an encyclopaedia of opinions about all the significant questions out there. Parlia is mapping the important debates about relevant abstract questions, historical and political events as well as culture and current affairs.

Automating demo sites with Gatsby, Netlify and Airtable’s GraphQL API

Marzee Labs is the new organizer of JAMstack meetups in Porto, Portugal. Our first event was held in Porto i/o Santa Catarina last June, 5th.

Re-Seed - Our product for a sustainable world

As a web development company, we are used to developing digital products for our clients. This year we had the opportunity to go through the whole process of creating an internal product in collaboration with a Belgian entity and with support from the European Commission.

A better Design Process

So, I’m a web designer who codes. And no, I’m not going to get deep into the discussion of ‘should designers code?’. Fact is, I do code. Why? In part, because my job requires it, but mainly because I enjoy it and I do believe it makes me better equipped in my line of work.

JAMstack Meetups in Portugal

If you are from the web world you are probably familiar with the term JAMstack. It is a new way of building web applications with superior performance, lower cost, higher security, better scalability and awesome developer experience.

Case Studies - is there a recipe?

For some time now, we have been meaning to create a new section on our website ( to present a selection of projects and products we have delivered during our 5 years as a company.

We are being accelerated. Wait, what?

We love to build and deliver outstanding digital products to our clients. We bring all our culture and experience to materialise an idea into a product and we are proud of everything we do. 🤩

Inspiration February

We said before and even mentioned it in our Manifesto - "We are good at doing web and we do web for good. We love to embrace new challenges, to solve the unknown and we are always looking for opportunities to inspire and get inspired."

February was a month full of inspiration and experimentation.

New year, new chapter

2019 has just started and we are already full of hopes and goals for this new year.

December was a busy month for us at MarzeeLabs and we are ready to start a new chapter.

Exploring the AWS ES potential in a large scale project

Recently, amidst an infrastructure upgrade of an old (kinda ancient really) ElasticSearch setup, we posed the question “How would this setup fare in an AWS-based system?”.

Marzee Labs celebrates 5 years this month

Let's celebrate!

It has been already five years that Marzee Labs was legally created. What a journey!

Why you should write a manifesto and how to make this a team effort.

We have recently launched our Manifesto on our website. The decision of writing it and the whole process we went through to get there was pretty cool and we wanted to tell you all about it. It made sense to be a team effort, so we brainstormed our way through it on a sunny and hot summer Saturday in Setúbal, Portugal, home of our designers.

New Seas in Design: branding process for Drupal Dev Days 2018

At Marzee Labs we have in our ranks top developers and great designers, who are able to help fill the gaps between backend development and user experience and interface. Recently our team of designers was challenged to design the visual identity to the Drupal Dev Days - international Drupal developers conference to take place in one of our home country - Portugal. It was an amazing experience for our team, we were proud of what we delivered, thus we decided to share how we got there and which were the learning moments along the way.

Besugo - a boilerplate static site generator with a CMS

We’ve said it before, at Marzee Labs we like to build static sites. Heck, we like to build sites whether static or CMS-based like Drupal; in short, whatever the need we enjoy tackling the challenge.

We are looking for a business manager

We are looking for a full-time business manager to join our distributed team (in Porto or Setúbal) to work and grow with us, by working on large-scale technical projects as well as interesting indie projects that we help turn into success.

We are looking for a web developer

We are looking for a full time, web developer to join our distributed team [in Porto or Setúbal] to work and grow with us, by working on large-scale technical projects as well as periodic releases and other technical matters with talented folks.

How we build websites using pipelines at zero cost

At Marzee Labs we like to build static sites. In this blog post, we're sharing an ingredient list to build a new static site - including a deployment and testing pipeline - in less than an hour. Best of all, all these tools are for free if you code in the open!

DrupalCon Barcelona: call for sessions

Europe is again getting ready for the DrupalCon, the annual gathering of Drupal dev and business in Europe. This year we are playing a home game since the conference will be held in Barcelona!

Blueprinting Drupal projects

Planning the structure of a Drupal project is important. At Marzee Labs, we've developed some pretty robust methodologies over time to approach new Drupal projects, and in this post we'll outline some of these tools and processes that help us get off the ground in no time. While some of the topics are probably familiar (Drupal makefiles, installation profiles and such) you might learn some new tips and tricks to make your next Drupal project just that tiny bit more automated and run smooth.

Coding as a team: code workflow

Every new project is an opportunity to improve and get challenged. Might it be your skills, your processes, your performance, etc. We previously wrote about how important it is to learn from big projects. It is important to understand that you can't find the perfect way of working, but you can definitely reach an optimal workflow, that you will keep on iterating and improve project after project. Allow me to share ours with you.

Coding as a team: content fixtures

Any frontend guy will tell you that content is very important to be able to do their thing. You cannot properly structure content display and style it without having material to play with. And there is nothing more tedious than creating fake content on-the-fly to do the job. It will end up being destroyed, and you'd have to do it again because a new field was created. How about fixturising your content and keep on iterating it?

Coding as a team: automation using Phing

Drupal development as a team is tough: finding a balance between code and configuration saved in the database is one of the hardest challenges to overcome. When working in a team, it is even more important to control the development cycle, having different people work on different features at the same time, and automate as much as possible of the repetitive tasks you're really to do.

ARTE Concert migration: a retrospective

As we previously announced, we successfully concluded the complex migration of ARTE Concert website to a Drupal platform. This post will be a short introspective journey through the processes we followed to make this project a success.

Launching ARTE Concert

This week, Arte - the Franco-German TV network and "European cultural channel" - has launched ARTE Concert, a rebranding of the music platform Arte Live Web, on the popular Drupal platform. The relaunch marks a fresh start of the video streaming site, in which over 600 concerts are broadcasted yearly in High Definition - over half of them live.

Drupal Commerce, done differently

Building sites using Drupal Commerce is something we often do at Marzee Labs, but when EnjoyThis approached us to build an e-commerce site for The London Distillery Company featuring a "design your own whisky cask" part, we immediately seized that opportunity to do something different. In this post, I'll review the architecture of the project.

Building maps in Drupal using Leaflet and Views

The new release of the Drupal Leaflet module (missed our introductory post?) has native Views support, so it is now really easy to display a Leaflet map of Drupal data. In this post, I'll outline one common way of building maps in Drupal.

Introducing Leaflet for Drupal

Mapping on the web has been a hot topic since the introduction of Google Maps API in 2005. Open-source alternatives have been released shortly after, with OpenLayers as the the most influential and complete mapping library. Very recently however a new library was released, called Leaflet.

Art at the Office

We love to make our office a cosy place that makes us feel at home and inspires us. With that in mind, we asked graphical artist Gijs Vanhee - who previously created our logo - to redesign our office.

Building simple sites: Jekyll to the rescue

Marzee Labs has its strong arm in Drupal development. When we started the talks on setting up our site, we initially started thinking in modules, content types, Views and other Drupal lingo. But we shifted the conversation to another topic: was Drupal the tool we wanted to use?

Drupal Developer Days in Barcelona

The Drupal Developer Days are the major developer-oriented event organized in Europe. With over 300 attendants and 30 high-quality sessions on topics such as Drupal 8, e-commerce, mapping, search and automization, we could not miss the event.